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The global manufacturing sector has undergone a tremendous change in last two decades. Large developing economies leaped intro the first tier of manufacturing nations such as China.

A country like India which has so much potential to grow as a unicorn in manufacturing sector but we are struggling currently to do so due to under-utilization of the artisan skills and lack of proper infrastructure.

The need of the hour is to make people aware of the various schemes provided by Government and build specific training programs to attract young generation to take interest in the field.

There is a strong need to improve the skill-sets of beginners and efficiently utilize the skills of the trained artisans. Workplace mentoring can be the best approach to garner the technical and leadership skills of workforce.

Being an Indian, Innovation and Creativity is in our genes. It will be exciting to see if we can do wonders in fields like new product development.

Well, It is a considered fact that as a beginner, you may lack resources such as finances, machinery but you can back yourself on your skills & take help of skilled artisan who may have expertise of doing the same work through hands which can be done through costly machines.

Now, the question comes as hand-tools are time consuming, how to make it to scale?

Well obviously, it is a challenge but if you can start with what you have and will be able to show the value proposition that you bring to the market.

Your customers, investors will be waiting for you.

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